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BandWagon Presents
Fri 12/17

Okey Dokey

with Dante Elephante • Trash Cat
The Coast @ 7:00 pm All Ages
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Live in concert at The Coast 
254 Linden St.  Ft Collins, CO 80524
All Responsible Ages Permitted

The Coast is NOT requiring masks for guests, nor are we requiring proof of Vaccinations or negative Covid tests. Please stay home if you are feeling sick or have been recently exposed to someone not feeling well. Any additional questions should be directed to info@bandwagonpresents.com
Okey Dokey
Okey Dokey started as a passion project between two friends to create art that could withstand the test of time. Over the years, the band grew frustrated with the distance between themselves and their listeners. The listener being as essential as a tree is to its fruit. The artist equally so to the listener. What are veins if there is no blood to pump? What are beliefs with no thought? If Okey Dokey were to remain just a band, would the fruit still be as sweet? Would the body’s limbs still be equally filled with blood given the wall of separation between the artist and listener? The band decided to remove the separation and become something new. No longer shall there be two, but one. One community with one pulse all trusting in the higher powers harnessed by Okey Dokey. Join today and become part of one of the fastest growing communities in North America.
Dante Elephante
Trash Cat
Trash Cat uses their music to ride a see-saw between tender-heartedness and absurdity inspired by their favorite cartoons and pop culture.