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BandWagon Presents
Fri 07/15

Oak, Ash & Thorn

with Draghoria • Celestial Wizard
The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues @ 8:00 pm Ages 18 and Up
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Oak, Ash & Thorn arose in Denver, Colorado out of a collective passion for heavy metal and old-world paganism, sharing a worldview with a lens on values from the past to shape a vision of the future. Their debut album, May Every Altar Linger, was released in 2018, laying a melodic death/black metal foundation tinged with traditional folk music. The band teamed up with Fabio Grimdrap of Trollfest/Fleshmeadow to record the "To Gaze on Stars of Frost" EP, released May of 2021, and is now gearing up for spring & summer shows in support. 
 Oak, Ash & Thorn 2022 is: 
 Adam Armstrong - Vocals, guitars Jason Harding - Live guitars Erik Hoffman - Bass Cierra White - Drums 

Oak, Ash & Thorn

Driving guitars and chugging bass take the listener to ancient catacombs where incantations Awaken the Wicked, to the dark of night Upon Devils Wings, or to a war torn Earth where you will engage in battle with Hell's minions! Killer double bass and blast beats bring each song to new levels of brutality!

Celestial Wizard