Event Details

BandWagon Presents
Sat 08/27

Linger - A Tribute to Cranberries

with GFY - The Grohl + Hawkins Tribute Band
The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues @ 8:00 pm Ages 18 and Up
$15.00 - $120.00
Additional Info

Linger is the only tribute band to The Cranberries music in Colorado and probably in all US.
It started in January 2022 based in Denver, Colorado. Even it's a new project, most of its members have +20 years of experience performing live, recording in studio with other bands.
Our most important hook as a tribute for The Cranberries, is the original voice of our lead singer Mary Kate, (we will never find someone that sings like Dolores). Mary Kate doesn't try to imitate how Dolores used to sing. She naturally sings similar. Most of these tribute's singers try to exaggerate the peculiar Dolores voice and melisma.
Additionally, her passion for The Cranberries music truly captivates the audience along with the band's energy!

Linger - A Tribute to Cranberries
GFY - The Grohl + Hawkins Tribute Band