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Loaded @ 8:00 pm Ages 21 and Up
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“(Robin) Davis and Dreem Machine have shelved the acoustic and
picked up the electric instruments, blasting out rock tunes driven by a
pulsing and pushing drum rhythm at a hot pace. The trio, who are guitar
player and vocalist Robin Davis, bass player and vocalist Jimi Davis and
drummer Matt Cottle, may dip into Robin Davis’ bluegrass catalog, but this
is a whole different musical animal, a stoner and psychedelic rock playing
power trio influenced by Van Halen, The Melvins and other rock bands
from the classic and indie-rock canon.“

“The band came together when Cottle met Robin and Jimi as they
were performing bluegrass as The Robin Davis Duo at a Front Range venue
in 2017. While the music of the duo is filed under bluegrass, it’s always had
a dark and heavy element, leaning more toward hard rock than breezy folk.
It also turned out all three lived in Pagosa Springs, a casual coincidence
that made forming Dreem Machine easy.
“I heard it and immediately was enamored with them. The drop D, the
chunky riffs, and these hooks and lines that they were doing,” Cottle said.
“I remember walking away going, ‘Oh my gosh, I’d love to play with these
guys.’ And it turned out we were in the same circle. Robin and Jimi were
excited to plug it in and turn it up, and it’s now been a couple of years and
we have more original music. Yeah, it’s been awesome.”
While both Robin and wife, Jimi, remain prolific in their writing, much of
which could be recorded by theirs, or any bluegrass band, it’s always had a
rock element and could go into genres that aren’t twang-driven and

“A lot of the duo material was always begging for drums,” Robin Davis
said. “But really that’s not a surprise because that’s the sound I had in my
head when I was writing this stuff.”
Dreem Machine
Polkadot Palace