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BandWagon & Qoncert App Presents
Fri 02/17

Jeron Pierce

Loaded @ 9:00 pm Ages 21 and Up
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Operation Iraqi Freedom changed my life...

In 2010, I was deployed to Iraq with the United States Army and was more stressed out than ever before. Throughout all of the chaos, I realized that every day presented inspiration and motivation to create new art. Before I knew it I had over 100 instrumentals, then 200, and so on.

To be honest, music was one of the few things that kept me sane in a combat situation...as an attempt to take my art to the next level, I reached out to other inspiring artists and presented my beats to them. Long story short, these interactions led me to believe that I could do it myself with the help of my Macbook. Watch me as I continue to grow (not only as an artist) but as a person, while I push for new artistic ventures with my team! Music was only the beginning! Join me on this journey as we expand our reach and new horizons!

Jeron Pierce