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BandWagon Presents
Sat 02/25

The Nova Kicks

with Black & White Motion Picture • The Salesmen
The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues @ 8:00 pm Ages 18 and Up
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Colorado raucous band 'The Nova Kicks' bring a destructive sound wave of distorted grooves and soul in the shape of a high energy performance. Writing personal to impersonal songs that bring awareness to the beauty and tragedy of the human experience. The band holds close to their influences in Rock n roll and punk music but destroy the notion that a band should stick to one genre. Strong believers that Influence is meant to expand on an idea and not re-create it. 'The Nova Kicks' do just that

Black & White Motion Picture
Black and White Motion Picture is a slow-burn build but explosive, indie-rock band. This Denver-based group holds true to its roots in pop-punk, blues, and funk to create an emotional and raw, ‘can’t look away’ experience. While they take their music writing seriously, on stage, they can be witnessed in lively and visceral shows across the Denver metro area. The band is currently working on promoting their upcoming music videos and soon-to-be-released singles.